Theta DNA Healing

Transform Your Life!

Theta dna healing sessions

Sessions usually take place over Zoom meeting, phone or remotely via email, and you come with your top challenge to work on, well-hydrated and set up with your laptop in a quiet, undisturbed place if we are working by Zoom.

The sessions are part dialogue and part energy healing. We use muscle testing to check for the limiting beliefs you are holding. There's no guesswork here - your body will tell us what beliefs your subconscious mind is really holding!

We explore the root cause of this belief and where it has come from.

I guide us into a light meditation space to access the theta brainwave state, and from this place clear and change these beliefs, and replace them with positive ones. We then confirm with muscle testing that they have changed.  You will be advised if there is work to do at home to support your session, and if via email, you will receive a Report of what has been released, changed, replaced with further action if necessary.

After a session my clients often feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They feel calm, relaxed, at ease and uplifted. Tangible benefits may be immediately obvious, but quite often I see and hear about changes a few weeks after the session when the work has integrated. The effects can be subtle but incredibly profound and transformational.

I recommend ongoing sessions as required for the best results, until you are no longer experiencing or troubled by the original issue.

A Theta healing can also incoporate:

baby in the womb healing

changing core beliefs

creation of feelings

release illness & TRAuma

past life healing & soul fragments

Pay via the PayPal buttons below, contact us with details of your issue, and we will book your appointment so your healing can being.

£80 for 1 theta healing session

£225 for 3 theta healing sessions

£420 for 6 theta healing sessions