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Spiritual Enhancement and Growth

One of the most powerful techniques for spiritual growth and expanded consciousness is the 12-strand DNA Activation.
We all have a personal, divine blueprint, called our DNA, which all life follows.  It contains physical, mental, and spiritual information about us.  We have two active strands of DNA in a double helix that hold the genetic codes for our evolvement and are the building block of all life.  

The additional energetic (non-physical) 10 strands (five double helix pairs) which scientists call ‘junk DNA’ or ‘shadow strands’ now lay dormant, but hold the codes for the evolvement of our emotional DNA.  These 12-strands make up our spiritual DNA and enhance and jump-start our spiritual development, creating a sense of peace, contentment, stability, love and joy.  For full details and comprehensive list of benefits of the 12-Strand DNA Activation click here.

Once completed, you are then able to have the 24-strand DNA Activation.  This brings in the fourth dimensional chakras (along with a chakra chart and fourth dimensional meditation so you can continue your development at home).

Finally, you are ready for the very powerful 36-strand DNA Activation - bringing you into fifth dimensional alignment, and again with a chart and fifth dimensional chakra meditation to continue and strengthen your spiritual development.

We can also carry out clearing, releasing and healing of old stuck limiting patterns, beliefs, traumas, emotions, experiences that may be preventing your spiritual development, and keeping you stuck in the third dimensional ego based black or white mentality we have been living.  The spiritual upgrade brings in heart-centred fifth dimensional consciousness of your higher self, so you can live in a better way and cope far more easily with the changes taking place in the world and in your life, raise and expand your consciousness and awareness, and allow who you really are to shine through, so you can live a more joyful, loving, contented life.

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Spiritual Enhancement

We use a variety of techniques to release blocks to spirituality and development, increase your connection to God / Creator / Source, through:
  • Aura cleanse 
  • Chakra balance - release blocks, heal, energise, raise the frequency
  • Meridian balance - release blocks, heal and energise 
  • Release limiting beliefs, blocks and programming
  • Cleanse using St Germain's Gold and Silver Violet Flame of Purification and Transmutation
  • Activate your Heart Centre for Universal Love, Compassion, Joy 
  • Reconnect you to Source energy 
  • Strengthen through downloads from Source
  • Increase intuition
Many are going through a major awakening process, where the human body has taken as much as it is needs to take, and there are things within the system that need clearing so that you can go on and move forwards with life and drop anxiety and fear and other issues.  We go into the human body and see where these are stored and, through whatever method is appropriate, extract them. 
Spiritual Enhancement Session - £55