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Relationship Healing

Relationship issues are usually related to beliefs and attitudes adopted from younger days, behaviours learned from watching our parents, and negative traumatic experiences.  For example, if someone did not have love and support from their mother or father, they do not recognise when love and support is offered, even though they are desperate to receive it.  Perhaps their parents were negative/critical about others and they have learned this attitude.  Perhaps their self-esteem is so low, they shut themselves off from others, or immediately go on the defensive and attack, when inside they are crying out for reassurance, acceptance and love.

You must be able to relate to others, to give and receive love, to accept others as they are, to forgive and forget, and to release hurt, anger and resentments to have any chance of functional relationships - which are not just with your partner, this also includes family, friends, children, colleagues, and your self.

With Theta DNA Healing firstly releasing negative emotions makes a big difference, as well as healing and releasing trauma and negative experiences and bad relationship.  Then next clearing other issues, as mentioned above, ie not being able to relate to others, giving and receiving love, etc.  When you change your attitudes to others, then others' attitudes towards you change. 

Another way of dealing with relationship problems is to look at any physical symptoms you may have.  This gives a clue as to any negative core level beliefs that need removing and replacing with positive ones.

When you understand these problems have been caused by conditioning, core issues, parents attitudes and upbringing, soul level issues and maybe past life issues, you can understand and accept others more readily.

It is useful to think about what love is to you.  Write down the words 'Love is' on a piece of paper, and let your subconscious bring up any negative beliefs you may have.  For example, love is painful, love is arguing, love is lonely, etc, etc.  Also, what was your perception of your parents relationship?  Was it harmonious, loving, joyful?  Or controlling, over-reactive, filled with arguing, anger, blaming, disprespectful, etc.  All this has a huge impact on how you do relationships.

For help clearing relationship problems please contact me (by email, letter, phone) and we will discuss what is needed.  As soon as your payment is cleared I will carry out the Relationship Healing process.  You will find life and people so much easier and happier!

We can also draw in your soul mate - someone with whom you are totally compatible and will share a lasting, harmonious, supportive relationship.

To boost your sub-conscious and conscious manifesting skills, you can use a copy of the Sleep Programming CD to Attract the Perfect Partner (for CD players, laptop or pc, and easily converted to an MP3).  Just use it for 25 minutes a night before going to sleep and notice the difference it makes.  It only costs £5 including p&p (UK only free P&P - outside UK please enquire for postage costs).



Relationship Healing - £65.00

Attract the Perfect Partner CD - £5.00


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