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Relationship Healing

Everything in our lives is in some way a reflection of our own consciousness and our close relationships are no exception. This makes them both an opportunity for growth and a challenge since there is no escape from the reflection of our deepest patterns. 

Many of us carry deep heart wounds gathered from our experiences in past relationships that we carry forward unconsciously into our current relationships. These inevitably block our ability to sustain an intimate loving relationship because we are not able to give and receive love in a truly open hearted way. 

We may also carry negative programs, beliefs and experiences from childhood, from abuse or trauma, abandonment and rejection, physically or emotionally absent care-givers, making us feel unimportant, unsafe, unloved, unlovable, and much more.  

Defence patterns then build up in the relationship creating barriers to intimacy as each person projects their painful expectations onto the other.

All of this will greatly impact our ability to:

  • give and receive love
  • feel very loved and in love with life
  • feel safe, stable and secure
  • feel contented and at peace
  • have self-love, self-worth, self-confidence
  • feel wanted, adored and cherished
  • be honoured, respected, and have strong boundaries
  • attract our soulmate for a compatible, loving, contented relationship

This session will help you to release these old patterns and encourage greater love, trust and compassion for yourself, for others, and from others, creating closer, more loving, happy and connected healthy relationships.  It promotes greater intimacy and trust in relationships, helps dissolve defence patterns, and supports the ability to build loving open hearted relationships.

'When you change your attitudes to yourself and others, then others' attitudes towards you change'

where do these issues come from?

Relationship issues can stem from:

  • How you were treated as a baby and child, or even whether you were wanted or not, and your mother's feelings while you were in the womb.

  • How your parents related to each other - was it a dysfunctional relationship, were there addictions involved, affairs, abuse, dislike, hostility, drama?  Or were they openly loving and affectionate,gentle and kind, committed to each other, and on the same page?

  • Ancestors - patterns and programs where women were second class, beholden to their husband, never seen as equal, from your ancestral line.

  • Past life vows - chastity, commitment to God and no other - preventing a healthy and satisfying relationship without guilt or shame.

  • Past lives and past life trauma.

relationship healing session

This session will help you to release these old patterns and encourage greater love, trust and compassion for yourself, for others, and from others, creating closer, more loving and conneced healthy relationships.

To do this we discuss, and may use muscle testing, to identify the common themes and issues in your life, past and current relationship problems, how you want your relationships to be and how you want to feel within a relationship.

We may address low self-worth, lack of self-love, past life issues, ancestral blockages, past life vows, any anything else that comes up for clearing.

We may include Vibrational Remedies like flower, crystal and gem essences to enhance your session.

You may need to do some self-healing work at home, and this will be clearly explained to you at the end of your session. 

If requested, we can also bring in the Romance Angels to help you, and ask Creator to call in your Soul Mate.

Depending on what life has thrown at you, you may need between 1-3 sessions initially, or we keep going until everything is cleared.

To boost your sub-conscious and conscious manifesting skills, you can use the Sleep Programming 'Attract the Perfect Partner' mp3.  Just use it for 25 minutes a night before going to sleep for at least 21 days to bring in your ideal partner. 

£80 per session

£225 for 3 sessions

£420 for 6 sessions

attract the perfect partner mp3 - £5