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Phobia Release

Phobias are usually created by a trauma (commonly at an early age), which causes the mind and body to avoid ever being in that situation again, and so for protection puts up a massive fear and phobic response to anything that is similar to the original trauma as a defence mechanism.  A number of negative beliefs are also set up at this time.

Also, phobias can be instilled by a parent or someone we love and trust, who has a strong negative reaction to something - the common one being spiders!  Many children have learnt a phobic response from their parents, and react instinctively witha phobic behaviour - even though if it was analysed it would be quite cleare they dont actually have a phobia.    

 Case History

A client mentioned a fear of spiders.  When asked what is the worse thing about spiders, she said: 'they might come and get me at night when I am asleep and can't protect myself'.  Knowing the history of this client, I muscle tested to see if this was related to abuse she had experienced as a very young child, and she tested positive.  When she then thought it through she realised it was fear of the man coming back to get her.  The abuse happened at night when she was asleep and safe in bed, so it made sense to her that the fear related to feeling unprotected, when she slept, very vulnerable and open to being attacked.  With this realisation and the continued work on clearing issues, her fear of spiders diminished rapidly. 

If you have any phobias, try a little digging to find the root cause.  We are born without fear or phobias, so they are a learnt response to keep us safe.  This means they can be changed by finding and releasing the original trauma and beliefs associated with it.  A feeling of safety can then be installed and anything else that is needed.

Interestingly, a neighbour mentioned a fear of flying but wouldn't have it removed, because then she would have to fly, and as she had a fear of flying she couldn't deal with the thought of flying!  To overcome this she had to realise just because the fear was removed, it didn't mean she had to fly, but would have the choice to or not, and the ability to do so without fear should she choose to. 

(See below for a letter from a client regarding a phobia around horses and riding.)

Some common phobias:

  • spiders
  • water
  • injections / needles
  • heights
  • flying
  • birds
  • swimming
  • the dark
  • mice / rats
  • technology
  • public speaking
  • ghosts / spirits
  • snakes
  • cats / dogs
  • horses


  • What do you have a phobic response to that holds you back or stops you doing what you want in life? 

    Try a Theta DNA Healing and be free to live your life fully.

    (As with all things, if you persist in thinking negative thoughts and focusing on what is missing in your life, complaining, blaming, distrust, etc, you will attract the same back to you and reverse the positive effects of these treatments.  To counteract this, look at Abraham Hicks 'Ask and It Is Given' youtube clips, books, cds, and 'Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting' book by Lynn Grabhorn.  Also use positive affirmations constantly in the background of your thoughts - such as I am completely safe, I feel safe now, I feel fantastic, my life is fantastic, I am completely loved, I love and accept myself - or wording that feels right to you.) 

    £80 per session

    £225 for 3 sessions

    £420 for 6 sessions

    Letter from client freed from horse phobia

    Dear Tansie


    I want to thank you with all my heart for the 'miracle' after I had Theta Healing with you recently.  I needed to share my excitement and success with you!


    After my horseriding accident about 25 years ago, I developed a fear of riding horses and a bigger fear of falling off one.  My teenage daughter is a very keen horse rider, so I am always around them and feel the same 'fear' of her falling and hurting herself. I knew this wasn’t realistic and needed to change the way I felt.


    Your suggestion of Theta Healing was worth trying, I had nothing else to lose. After the treatment I felt 'blank', there was no fear, but no urge to want to ride a horse either. Four days later, I woke up that morning feeling a strong desire to get on a horse. I thought it was just a passing phase, but it got stronger as the days went by…so I booked myself at my daughters riding school for a lesson.


    Well, today I had that riding lesson, I am thrilled to bits that I was able to get on the horse called 'James' without any hesitation, panic, fear or help from the instructor.  My fear of getting on the horse and falling had gone. It took a few minutes to get used to the horse, but I thought I was doing well and so did the instructor. He asked if I wanted to try a sitting trot. I felt a slight panic, which lifted very quickly and I said yes to my surprise, I wanted so much to try it. Wow, what an achievement that was for me!


    I got off that horse feeling so strong, confident and very happy with myself. I am booked for another lesson in two weeks time and hope to take up horseriding on a regular basis.


    PS I have sent you a photo to prove I was on a horse!



    Pinner, Middlesex