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Past Life Healing and Soul Fragment Retrieval

Past Life Healing

If you have been trying to clear an issue in this life but find it keeps coming back, it may be an unresolved link to a past life.  When I tune into the past life and carry out healing and releasing of the issues, negative emotions, stuck energy, restricting beliefs, physical trauma and injury, the issue in this life may then clear.

This also applies to people - if there is someone you are having difficulties with, family issues, can't let go of a relationship, etc, etc, its likely to be a past life link that needs to be cleared.

Soul Fragment Retrieval

Soul fragments can be the energy or the 'essence' of another individual that you have 'taken on' or 'given away', in this or previous lives.  These exchanges may be either negative or positive.  Regardless, they can be draining to the psyche.  Soul fragments may be the reason we still think of someone for years afterwards and cannot make a healthy break from them, as they are parts of ourself we have left in another place of time.  Any time you are in a romantic situation you will leave what is called 'soul fragments'.

A psychic hook is similar to soul fragments and can happen anytime you feel sympathy for someone or have a strong feeling towards another person.  When you feel sorry for someone, you take part of your energy and release it to them.  Psychic hooks are real.  You may have felt the pull yourself.  There have been tests conducted where scientists have found that there is energy going from the mother to her child when the child is lying ill in the hosptial.  The mother is feeding the child, of her own free will and accord, parts of her energy.

Soul fragments can be lost in the following ways:

  • Relationships: in relationships of both a positive and negative nature, and in marriages or partnerships, we have given much of ourselves.  
  • Death: when there is the loss of a loved one with whom we have shared much.
  • Illness: when someone has been sick, especially a child, we can knowingly or unknowingly give something of ourselves over to them in an instinctual effort to heal and care for them.
  • Abuse: when there has been rape or abuse.

Do you still think about an ex you had 10 years ago?  You may still carry a fragment from that person and be energetically linked.  This is a form of giving your power away.  

Once soul fragment retrieval has been carried out it may be easier to let go of the past and move on with your life, have more energy and motivation.  This treatment may do incredible things for your overall energy levels as you are no longer being drained by past people and events.

With soul fragment retrieval we return all fragments we have from others, cleaned and energy free, and retrieve all fragments belonging to us that others have, cleaned and energy free.

(Please note that if you have had this carried out already or done it yourself and feel miserable, heavy, depressed, drained of energy, etc you may have brought  back an entity attached to the fragments.  It is very important to have this done properly with Theta DNA Healing and any entities removed.)

Having had extensive experience with Past Life Healing, I can honestly say it can make significant changes in this life when unresolved patterns are resolved from past lives.  It has particularly helped with relationship and financial issues, feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth, sorrow and sadness, to name but a few.  If you feel you have tried everything but are still stuck, try this treatment where we trace the problem back to the root cause in a previous life, resolve and heal it and create positive change in this life.

   Past Life Healing and Soul Fragment Retrieval - £55.00

(As with all things, if you persist in thinking negative thoughts and focusing on what is missing in your life, complaining, blaming, distrust, etc, you will attract the same back to you and reverse the positive effects of these treatments.  To counteract this, look at Abraham Hicks 'Ask and It Is Given' youtube clips, books, cds, and 'Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting' book by Lynn Grabhorn.  Also use positive affirmations constantly in the background of your thoughts - such as I feel fantastic, my life is fantastic, I am completely loved, I love and accept myself - or wording that feels right to you.)  


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