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what is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a way of using your body as an indicator for a 'yes' or a 'no' response to identify and rectify imbalances within your body's system.

Your subconscious mind knows the difference between 'Yes' and 'No', the difference between the truth and a lie.  When you ask a question about your body, an automatic electrical response occurs in the body's muscles.  Lie detectors measure and graph these involuntary responses.  The same electrical response can also be shown in either a strong or weak muscle response.  Strength indicates truth, a 'Yes' answer or positivity.  Weakness indicates a lie, a 'No' answer or negativity.  

Because we have this excellent, built-in tool to ask 'Yes' or 'No' questions of the subconscious mind, we can access information about health directly from the source - directly from the computer storage center that is your subconscious mind.  This is similar to doing a search on a computer hard drive, all you have to do is know what you are searching for, and the answer will be shown to you almost immediately.

self Muscle Testing - Method 1

Muscle testing is a way of using your body as an indicator to identify your true subconscious core beliefs. 

1. Start by having a glass of water - the brain chemistry and body needs to be hydrated for this to work.

2. Put your thumb and forefinger together and hold tightly, palm facing up, resting the back of your hand comfortably on your leg or a table.  Your thumb and forefinger form a ring, a bit like the relaxation/yoga pose. 

3. Put your thumb and forefinger of your other hand through the ring and try to push apart.  The fingers making a ring should stay together.

4.  Say the words 'I am a man'.  Try pulling the fingers apart.  If you are a man they should be strong, which indicates a 'yes', if you are a woman they should come apart, which indicates a 'no'.  If not, have some more water and try again.

5.  Now repeat this with the words 'I am a woman' and test the fingers.

6. Continue testing with the words 'yes, yes yes' and see the response, then 'no, no, no'. 

You should now clearly have a strong/weak response to yes/no, and can now muscle test effectively.  Try it on some of the Self Love core beliefs.

self muscle testing - method 2

1. Make sure you are hydrated, then stand up, facing north. 

2. Say the words 'I am a man', and see which way your body naturally leans or sways, forwards or backwards. 

If you are a man your body should lean forwards, indicating a 'yes'.  If you are a woman, your body should lean backwards, indicating a 'no'.

3. Repeat for 'I am a woman' and see which way your body leans.

4. Say the words 'yes, yes, yes', and see which way your body leans.

5. Say the words 'no, no, no', and see which way your body leans.

Generally, leaning forwards is a positive or 'yes' response, and leaning backwards is a negative or 'no' response. 

It is utterly amazing to try this and see it work!  It still astounds people, yet it is a very effective tool to find out from the subconscious what core beliefs are being held there.

You can use muscle testing to test which negative emotions or beliefs are affecting you, via the following:

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