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It has been found that very often people who have tried to lose weight for years and years but been unsuccessful, have some very negative unconscious beliefs and programming going on that prevents it happening, no matter how little they eat or how much exercise they do.

Such beliefs could be:

  • I must eat to fill the void
  • I must constantly protect myself
  • I get love from food
  • I hate my body
  • I wasn't nourished as a child
  • I am desperately unhappy
  • Nothing I do works
  • If I lose weight I may attract too much attention and feel unsafe
  • I am sabotaging myself

Try muscle testing the above beliefs, or some of your own, or email me for the extensive list of negative beliefs and programs around weight that could be blocking you and your happiness.

Theta DNA Healing examines which beliefs are holding you back whether from childhood, parents, ancestors, society or past lives, aims to remove them, replace them with the opposite positive beliefs.  Also may include identifying and releasing trapped emotions underlying this issue, or any traumas you may have experienced in your life unconsciously affecting your weight and resolve them, and programs you to be successful at losing weight, exercising, eating healthily and anything that is necessary to achieve your goal. 

To boost you sub-consciously and consciously to lose weight and be healthier, you can listen to a copy of the Sleep Programming for Weight Loss digital audio.  Just use it for 25 minutes a night before going to sleep and notice the difference it makes (minimal cost of £5.)

   Weight Loss mp3 - £5.00 
(As with all things, if you persist in thinking negative thoughts and focusing on what is missing in your life, complaining, blaming, distrust, etc, you will attract the same back to you and reverse the positive effects of these treatments.  To counteract this, use the sleep programming audio regularly, and a positive affirmation that suits you (ie I am healthier than I have every been, I am at my perfect weight, I feel fantastic, I am completely loved, I love myself, etc, etc.) 
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£80 per session

£225 for 3 sessions

£420 for 6 sessions

£5 for weight loss mp3