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Inner Child & Baby in the Womb Healing

The inner child or wounded child exists as the childlike aspect within your unconscious mind. It reflects the child we once were, in both her “positive” and “negative” aspects.

Our unmet needs and suppressed childhood emotions, as well as our childlike innocence, natural enthusiasm, and creativity, are all waiting within us.

The repressed emotions refer to all of the things you were taught as a child not to feel if you wanted to receive love. The result: you were only offered attention when you obeyed.   The result is that the inner child within you still holds onto the sadness, anger, and trauma that resulted from feeling rejected, unloved, unwanted or unsafe.

The inner child the stays within us, forming a part of our consciousness as images. This has an impact on how we interact with the outside world. It is an autonomous and hidden form deep within us. It’s transformed when given expression, ie recognised and acknowledged. 

Inner child work is the process of contacting, understanding, embracing and healing your inner child. Your inner child represents your first original self that entered into this world; it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness.

Using Theta Healing we can connect with the inner child, bring these feelings to the light of your consciousness, so that we can find the root causes of the challenges you’re facing as an adult and release them.   This reconnection allows you to access the fragmented parts of yourself so that you can discover the root of your phobias, fears, insecurities, and self-sabotaging inclinations.

signs of an inner child that needs healing

These are some signs that you may have a wounded inner child:

  • You feel that there is something wrong with you, in the deepest parts of yourself.
  • You experience anxiety when going out of your comfort zone.
  • You’re a people-pleaser.
  • You don’t have a strong sense of identity.
  • You have poor boundaries and find it hard to say 'no'.
  • You deliberately like being in conflict with people around you.
  • You’re a hoarder of things, emotions, people, and you have a hard time letting go.
  • You feel inadequate as a man or a woman.
  • You constantly criticize yourself for your supposed inadequacy.
  • You’re unforgiving to yourself, rigid and a perfectionist.
  • You have a hard time committing and trusting.
  • You have deep abandonment issues and would cling to relationships, even when they are toxic.

There are many more signs that your inner child may be wounded. Truthfully, all of us, no matter how small or insignificant, have traumas from our past that need addressing.

inner child healing session

We will explore the issues in your life and using Theta Healing and muscle testing uncover where the root lies in your childhood, which patterns / beliefs / programs / experiences need recogising, acknowledging and releasing, giving your inner child lots of support, nurturing, love and attention, enabling that part of you to understand life from a better perspective, healing it, enabling you to go forward free of trauma, lighter happier, more positive and successful in the various aspects of your life.

£80 for 1 session

£225 for 3 sessions

Baby In The Womb Healing Session