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Illnesses Belief Healing

Theta Healing also works with helping heal physical illness and trauma - through identifying and changing specific beliefs underlying the issue, and carrying out a healing.


Very often there are unconscious beliefs behind the illness - for example, with cancer there are often beliefs of:

'I am angry at / hate / resent / bitter toward .....', 'I hate my body'.

While with breast cancer the beliefs include:

'I am not worthy', 'I am a doormat', 'everyone else comes first',

'I can't love myself or others'.

For Arthritis, the beliefs often are:

'I am never good enough', 'I am depressed', 'I have no right to be angry', 'if I am wrong I will be rejected',

'I have no control', 'I must hold it all in'.

See the links below for lists of beliefs by illness and trauma.  Have a look at these and see if any resonate with you.  It is quite amazing to discover what thoughts and feelings we are holding on to subconsciously which we are totally unaware of, and how they are affecting our bodies and health. 

Once identified we can then remove these beliefs and replace them with positive, life and health enhancing ones.  The treatment continues with a healing of the body, restructuring the DNA to its original perfect blueprint before the illness or disease, followed by anything else that is needed.

(As with all things, if you persist in thinking negative thoughts and focusing on what is missing in your life, complaining, blaming, distrust, etc, you will attract the same back to you and reverse the positive effects of these treatments.) 

Beliefs underlying Illness and Trauma

Click on each of the following extract of diseases, illnesses and traumas to find the possible negative unconscious beliefs that may be affecting you. 

You can use Muscle Testing to see which beliefs you are unconsciously holding.

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