Theta DNA Healing

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dna activations

One of the most powerful techniques for spiritual growth, expanded consciousness, empowerment and enlightenment is the 12-strand DNA Activation.

  • Expanded awareness and consciousness, raising your vibration
  • Stronger connection to the Creator / God / Source
  • Clearing genetic and family karmic patterns
  • Intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities heightened
  • Releasing the illusion of fear, victim state, control
  • Being drawn to higher energy foods, people and environments
  • Stronger immune system and a release of toxins
  • Having more energy, feeling and looking younger
  • Reconnecting with your Soul Family
  • Attracting your Soulmate for a truly loving relationship

  • Enhanced self-healing abilities, being drawn to use higher level healing modalities
  • Raising your vibration to Heart level - giving and receiving unconditional love, light and joy
  • Limiting programs, beliefs and surpressed emotions releasing through the dream state
  • Increased synchronicities and signs to guide you on your path and Divine Purpose, creating the life you want
  • Feeling more motivated, while being more in the moment, at peace, contented, joyful and in love with life.

We all have a personal, divine blueprint, called our DNA, which contains physical, mental, and spiritual information about us that passes from generation to generation, carrying our ancestral and cultural imprints.  We have an additional energetic (non-physical) 10 strands which scientists call 'junk DNA' or 'shadow strands', that lay dormant, but hold the codes for the evolution of our emotional and spiritual DNA.  These enhance and jump-start our spiritual development, creating a sense of peace, contentment, stability, love and joy.

A 12-strand DNA Activation is carried out distantly.  Pay below, email a recent photo and your date of birth, and we will carry out the Activation, then email you with a Full Report of the procedure, along with any healing or guidance that has been given. 

12-strand dna activation - £85

This is a powerful yet subtle Activation which continues processing and integrating for anything from a few weeks to a few months, so once completed it is advised to take is easy and rest if you need to, drink plenty of water as you may be going through a slight detox, take Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy if drawn to it, do grounding activities like walking in nature, yoga, anything that connects you with the earth, and hold your thoughts as positively as possible, focussing on a mantra / affirmation.

further activations

24-strand dna activation (fourth dimension)

This is carried out a fortnight or more after the 12-strand DNA Activation. 

It activates 12 strands of spiritual DNA, and brings you into fourth dimensional alignment, along with aligning you to the powerful fourth dimensional chakra system and chakra colours, integrating and anchoring them within you.  

As light moves through the cells in your body, you become aligned with living your truth, more of your full potential comes online, both in your genetic consciousness and in your mental capacity, and you have a higher attunement to Spirit, spiritual growth and self-transformation.

You will receive the 4D Chakra Chart, Affirmations, and 4D Meditation, so you can continue and enhance your development for yourself at home, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  

For more details of the 24-strand DNA Activation please click here

24-Strand DNA Activation - £85

36-Strand DNA Activation (Fifth Dimension)

Finally, you are ready for the very powerful Fifth Dimensional 36-strand DNA Activation - bringing you into fifth dimensional alignment.  

By activating a further 12 strands of spiritual DNA, more of our full potential comes online, both in your genetic consciousness and in your mental capacity, and your vibration is raised to an altogether higher level.  

This also brings in the Fifth Dimensional Chakra system.  

On completion of the Activation you will be given the 5th dimensional chakra colours, chart, Affirmations and Meditation, to continue and strengthen your spiritual development.

For more details of the 36-strand DNA Activation please click here

36-strand dna activation - £85