Theta DNA Healing

Transform Your Life!

12-strand DNA Activation - Activate, Energise and Connect

We all have a personal, divine blueprint, called our DNA, which all life follows.  It contains physical, mental, and spiritual information about us.  We have two active strands of DNA in a double helix that hold the genetic codes for our evolvement and are the building block of all life.  They carry information from generation to generation, carrying our ancestral and cultural imprints.  


Many millennia ago we had 12 strands which were ‘lost’, resulting in the present life struggle many seem to have today, with our healing, intuitive and spiritual awareness lessened, creating struggle, depression, worry, anxiety, anger, control, poverty consciousness, etc.


The additional energetic (non-physical) 10 strands (five double helix pairs) which scientists call ‘junk DNA’ or ‘shadow strands’ now lay dormant, but hold the codes for the evolvement of our emotional DNA.  These 12-strands make up our spiritual DNA and enhance and jump-start our spiritual development, creating a sense of peace, contentment, stability, love and joy.


The 12-strand DNA Activation may result in:


  • Stronger immune system and a release of toxins
  • Having more energy, feeling and looking younger
  • Clearing genetic and family karmic patterns
  • Manifesting your life as you choose it to be
  • Knowing your divine purpose
  • Synchronicities and signs showing you exactly what to do
  • Feeling at peace, contented, joyful and in love with life
  • Feeling very motivated and passionate, and getting things done!
  • Being drawn to higher energy foods, people and environments
  • Expanded awareness and much stronger connection to the Creator / God
  • Increasing brain capacity and improved memory
  • Limiting programs, beliefs and supressed emotions releasing through the dream state
  • Intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities heightened
  • Clarity, focus, control of negative thoughts
  • Living ‘in the moment’ and loving every moment of it
  • Releasing the illusion of fear, victim state, control
  • Appreciating and loving yourself and others
  • Stronger and faster self-healing abilities
  • Cells communicate effectively
  • Knowing what you are here to do and easily doing it
  • Feeling stable, secure, happy for no reason
  • Creating the best, happiest, most compatible soul mate relationships
  • Standing in your power and knowing who you are

This is a powerful yet subtle Activation which processes and integrates for a few weeks to a few months, so once completed it is advised to take is easy and rest if you need to, drink plenty of water as there may be a detox going on, take Rescue Remedy if drawn to it, do grounding activities like walking in nature, yoga, anything that connects you with the earth.


12-strand DNA Activation - £55.00


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