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Creation of Feelings

Many people may have never felt or experienced certain feelings in their lives - for example, if they were ignored, abandoned, traumatised, abused or shutdown as a child, they wouldn't have experienced feeling totally loved and cherished by a parent, feeling safe in the world, trusting others, stability, joyful, how to love or be loved, feeling wanted and respected, what it is like to feel rich, or many, many other feelings.

However, these missing feelings may be installed/downloaded using the Theta DNA technique.

We live in a world of attraction, where what we continually think and feel about manifests.  If we think about what is missing in our lives, we will attract more of what is missing.  So if we have not experienced, for example, feeling cherished and respected by a parent, we may focus on that and are likely to attract partners, friends  and work colleagues who treat us in the same way the parent did.  Your outside world is reflecting your unconscious beliefs.  Do you yearn to feel loved; to be in a good relationship; to feel safe, nurtured and protected; to have financial security; to feel valued and respected; to have confidence in your abilities?

By installing/downloading the positive feeling and experience on all four levels, we are putting in what is missing and will therefore resonate on a different level, attracting people who now reflect and are in tune with our new positive feelings. 

That is the magic of Theta DNA!

All I need you to do is sit down quietly and write down all the feelings you believe are missing, what you would like to feel, what you would like to change in your life.  Then let me know what you would like installed.  (The list you made would also be helpful, particularly if there are childhood issues which relate to this, ie death of a parent, abuse, etc, etc).

I will contact you to arrange a time to carry out the process.  This is usually carried out remotely, however I do have private appointments if required.  This session often includes other treatments like Changing Core Beliefs, Relationships, etc, etc.

Once this has been completed, relax and look after yourself.  Do things you enjoy that avoid uneccessary stimulation, like walking in nature, gardening, having a massage, reading, sleeping, relaxing bath, etc.  Things will be changing in your life, and the process will happen at the rate that is right for you.  Then just be aware of the differences in your life, which range from quite subtle yet powerful to totally amazing!

I wish you well.

   Creation of Feelings - £55.00


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