Theta DNA Healing

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Creating confidence, Self-esteem & self-worth

It is said that as much as 96% of the population suffer with low confidence, self-worth or self-esteem!  No wonder there is so much unhappiness and unfulfilled dreams in the world.

Low self-esteem is probably the most important factor impacting negatively on our lives on a constant daily basis.  To remove low self-esteem and create self-worth and self-confidence is priceless, and will create many positive changes in your life.

Out of all the Theta sessions listed, it is the most invaluable, and highly recommended as a starting place.

Some of the symptoms of low self-esteem are:

  • not being successful / failure / fear of failure
  • feeling unloved / unwanted / rejected / abandoned / a disappointment / black sheep of the family
  • feelings of fear (of know things or unknown things) / panic / anxiety
  • shyness / uncomfortable / awkwardness with others
  • no confidence / low self-worth / low self-like / low self-love
  • fear of embarrassment / humiliation / shame - preventing you from doing the things you want to in life
  • feeling like you don't belong, are different from others and that nobody really understands you
  • overly pleasing others while denying yourself what you want / taking responsibility for other people and their problems, so others feel great while you feel drained and dumped on
  • anger, resentment, blame, rage, hatred (usually repressed which flares up in aggressive behaviour or illness)
  • feeling powerless, hopeless, helpless, futile, despairing, depressed
  • feeling guilty / flawed / bad / to blame / as if everything is your fault
  • repressed masculinity / femininity
  • everything is a struggle and hard / have to struggle to survive
  • feeling the world is a dangerous and hostile place, feeling under attack all the time, no-one to protect you but yourself, have to do it all yourself
  • alone / lonely / sad / grief / everyone leaves
  • financial insecurity and problems / lack of money / poor financial control or over-control of money / fear it will run out so holding on tight to what you have
  • poor relationships - needy, jealous and possessive / distant, cold, uninterested and unresponsive
  • fear of committment / fear of making decisions / fear will make the wrong choice
  • disconnected, don't belong, not included, invisible.


Although this is a long list, I am sure there are more you could add to it!  However I am pleased to say I have successfully been using Theta DNA Healing to relieve people of the many effects of low self-esteem, creating confidence and certainty in themselves, which has brought much joy to their lives.  They have gained feelings of:

  • internal strength, balance and knowing who they are and how great they are 
  • self-worth
  • self-love
  • success
  • confidence
  • certainty
  • joy
  • contentment
  • harmony
  • inner security and stability
  • financial abundance
  • amazing relationships.

If you would like to test your own self-esteem levels to see if you need a bit of help, then have a look at the section at the bottom.

The session

This session works by firstly you noting down your feelings, beliefs and behaviours in situations where you feel lacking - for example you may notice you feel inferior to others or someone you are attacted to, or that you have little energy and often feel lethargic, or that you are always in debt.

We then explore the root-causes behind this and use muscle-testing to fine-tune what are the most important aspects to be cleared.  Using Theta Healing and a few other techniques the negatives are removed and replaced with positives.  Quite often past lives create these issues and need to be resolved too.

The Re-Parenting technique is also used which will create the energy of having the perfect parents throughout your life who loved, cherished and adored you no matter what you did or didn't do, together with downloading positive emotions like self-like, self-love, self-worth, joy, success, feeling comfortable with others, a feeling of belonging and being connected, confidence, ease in life, and more. 

For a few days following the session you may notice different emotions and beliefs coming up (particularly through dreams) which also need to be cleared, which you can make a note of to be dealt with in the next session.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me.

£80 for 1 session

£225 for 3 sessions

£420 for 6 sessions

Test your Self-esteem Level

You can test your own self-esteem level by using muscle testing with the following statement:

'My self-esteem level is between 0 and 10 percent'

If 'Yes' fine-tune to see exactly what your level is by using the statement:

          'My self-esteem level is 2 percent' - if 'No' continue with '3 percent', '4 percent', etc, until you get a 'Yes'.

If 'No' test:

'My self-esteem level is between 10 and 20 percent'

'My self-esteem level is between 20 and 30 percent'

'My self-esteem level is between 30 and 40 percent'


until you get a 'Yes', then fine-tune as above to get your actual reading.

As with all things, if you persist in thinking negative thoughts and focusing on what is missing in your life, complaining, blaming, distrust, etc, you will attract the same back to you and reverse the positive effects of these treatments.  Try listening to Self-esteem and Unconditional Self-love meditations on Youtube, as well as Law of Attraction and EFT, on a daily basis to support this work.