Theta DNA Healing

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Theta healing for Children and Babies

Children and babies respond very well with Theta DNA Healing.  It may be very beneficial to them for healing:

  • emotional problems
  • behavioural issues
  • traumas
  • fears and anxiety
  • highly sensitive
  • phobias
  • nightmares
  • rejection and abandonment
  • injuries
  • illnesses
  • traumatic birth
  • plus much more.

Theta DNA Healing can be carried out distantly whereveryou are in the world, easily and successfully, by emailing a picture of your child and details of all issues that need clearing - emotional, mental and physical - since conception.  This creates the least disruption for your child but is just as effective (if not more) than in person.

Children who have been through emotional problems (ie parents separated / divorced, death in the family, abandonment, addiction, abuse, etc) really need to have their beliefs and fears removed as soon as possible. 

How many adults do we know who are negatively affected by things that happened in their childhood, that were never addressed or cleared at the time, and are unable to function normally now, or feel unhappy or alone?  

The belief used to be that children are resiliant and wont be affected - they are resiliant, but they are also very much affected and often internalise and supress these things as a way of coping.  There are many emotionally scarred people living in fear, anger, despair, unhappiness, blame, shame and victimisation.  They weren't lucky enough to have the events that hurt them dealt with near the time it happened - as children are today.  

It is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child to recognise their pain, even if they are hiding it and all appears to be okay, and to help them deal with it. 

the session

With Theta DNA Healing we look at the situation and events around the child, the feelings, beliefs, experiences and behaviours the child has or is expressing.  

We then remove the negative ones and replace them with life enhancing ones, including putting in feelings of confidence, self-love, self-worth, self-expression, security, safety, stability, etc, etc.

If there is any birth trauma, the negative experiences are removed and replaced with having the perfect birth, which overwrites the trauma and anything that triggers it, resulting in a happier and healthier child.  

Other techniques may be incorporated as required, which may include a full meridian balance, Emotion Codes, Vibrational Remedies, Chakra Balance, Violet Flame release.

If you feel your child could benefit in any way please contact me by phone or email and we can discuss it.  It really is important to deal with issues as soon as possible, and save the children and the adults they become heartache, misery and suffering.

£80 per session

£225 for 3 sessions

£420 for 6 sessions