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Changing Core Beliefs

There are different levels of belief systems.  The first level is what is called 'core beliefs'.  This is what a person learns from childhood to adulthood, and is a form of programming (like a computer is programmed), which comes from parents, family members, society, television.  So as a child is growing, being told consistently s/he is smart (or dumb), the child will grow up believing they are smart (or dumb).

Most people live most of their life with the program that they can not succeed.  Even if they are successful for many years, suddenly they will lose everything they own, or do something to defeat themselves.  

Not knowing why they are unconsiously sabotaging themselves, they continue the process.  Little do they realise that there are programs deep within them that have been there since childhood, programs that tell them they will never succeed.

These beliefs are programmed into you so deeply and so emphatically that they are extremely hard to break.  Some of these beliefs your ancestors have kindly handed down to you from one generation to another.  

You are the belief systems that you have absorbed from others.  It is said that 97% of what you think and believe isn't even yours!

To check which core beliefs you may have, you can easily test some statements using muscle-testing techniques yourself (see below).

the session

Th Changing Core Beliefs session:

  • identifies your main core beliefs
  • removes them on an energetic level
  • installs the opposite positive beliefs and programming.

This may make a huge difference in your life on all levels, and affect relationships, prosperity, success, confidence, health, energy, happiness.   

This session is often combined with other treatments like Creation of Feelings, Relationships, Wealth and Prosperity, and more.

Once booked, we will discuss what is going on in your life that reflects some of your damaging / limiting core beliefs, and work on releasing and replacing them.

Depending on the number of negative core beliefs, and their impact, you may need 3 or more sessions.  However, start with 1 session and see how you feel afterwards, and then decide on how much more you would like to release.

Core Belief Statements

Now you know how to muscle test, try saying the following beliefs out loud, and watch what your body responds to with a 'yes' or 'no'.

(Although this is only a very small selection, it gives you an idea of what negative programming you may have, which we can then remove.  For a fuller list, email me with specific problem areas, and I will forward the relevant list.)

  • I love myself
  • I hate myself
  • I feel loved
  • I am worthy
  • Life is a struggle
  • I am stupid
  • I am poor
  • I took an oath of poverty
  • I took a vow of poverty
  • Money will corrupt me
  • Money is evil 
  • I hate rich people
  • I feel abandoned
  • I hate God
  • I am alone
  • I hate my body
  • I deserve
  • I allow myself to receive

Muscle Testing - method 1

Muscle testing is a way of using your body as an indicator to identify your true subconscious core beliefs. 

1. Start by having a glass of water - the brain chemistry and body needs to be hydrated for this to work.

2. Put your thumb and forefinger together and hold tightly, palm facing up, resting the back of your hand comfortably on your leg or a table.  Your thumb and forefinger form a ring, a bit like the relaxation/yoga pose. 

3. Put your thumb and forefinger of your other hand through the ring and try to push apart.  The fingers making a ring should stay together.

4.  Say the words 'I am a man'.  Try pushing the fingers apart.  If you are a man they should be strong, which indicates a 'yes', if you are a woman they should come apart, which indicates a 'no'.  If not, have some more water and try again.

5.  Now repeat this with the words 'I am a woman' and test the fingers.

6. Continue testing with the words 'yes, yes yes' and see the response, then 'no, no, no'. 

You should now clearly have a strong/weak response to yes/no, and can now muscle test effectively.  Try it on some of the Self Love core beliefs.

Muscle Testing - method 2

1. Make sure you are hydrated, then stand up, facing north ideally. 

2. Say the words 'I am a man', and see which way your body naturally leans or sways, forwards or backwards. 

If you are a man your body should lean forwards, indicating a 'yes'.  If you are a woman, your body should lean backwards, indicating a 'no'.

3. Repeat for 'I am a woman' and see which way your body leans.

4. Say the words 'yes, yes, yes', and see which way your body leans.

5. Say the words 'no, no, no', and see which way your body leans.

Generally, leaning forwards is a positive or 'yes' response, and leaning backwards is a negative or 'no' response. 

It is utterly amazing to try this and see it work!  It still astounds people, yet it is a very effective tool to find out from the subconscious what core beliefs are being held there.