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Chakra Balance and Aura Cleanse

On a regular basis (weekly or monthly), it is useful to have your chakras and aura cleansed of negative energies - often picked up from other people and places, stress, trauma, poor quality food, negative feelings like anger, psychic hooks, etc.

This is particularly important if you work with people (especially in healing professions like nurses, doctors, counsellors, therapists, etc), meditate, work with angels, do psychic or energy work, light work, or just feel dragged down by life - otherwise you may feel heavy, drained, lethargic, anxious, fearful, lose direction, purpose and focus, be depressed and feel like giving up.

Click here for a list of illnesses that shows which chakras may be out of balance and why.

During this treatment, on an energetic level:

  • the percentage of balance/energy each chakra has currently is ascertained
  • blocks are identified and removed from your chakras and aura
  • psychic hooks, debris and negative energies are removed
  • your chakras and aura are cleansed, healed, balanced and energised
  • your chakras and aura are filled with love, joy, light, peace, harmony, health and abundance
  • the percentage of balance/energy each chakra has after the session
  • you are surrounded with the white light of unconditional love and protection which helps you and everyone you come into contact with.

All this will help bring you lightness of spirit, a joyful heart and outlook, more energy, a positive attitude, heightened intuition and healing/psychic abilities.

This treatment is carried out remotely, so please just send an email with a photo of you (so I can tune in), any details that are relevant, and I will email you with a report of what has been found in your chakras and the work carried out, along with any guidance that comes up.

Chakra Balance and Energy Clearing Session - £65