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Baby in the Womb and birth Healing

When we are in the womb we may be affected to a greater or lesser extent by any issues / traumas / problems / stress / illness our mother and parents are going through, whether this is emotional or physical.  This can continue to affect us negatively throughout our life, without sometimes even knowing it! 

Also, quite often there can be trauma at the actual birth, with the mother or baby on medication, or the baby put in an incubator and unable to bond with the mother, causing feelings of anxiety, separation, disconnection, fear, under attack, unsafe, alone, fight or flight mode, etc.  You can see how if these programs and related beliefs were set up at birth, it could cause many, many issues throughout childhood and adult life. 

Sometimes this is the cause of unexplained:

  • grief
  • sadness
  • fears and constant anxiety
  • anger / resentment / frustration
  • phobias
  • defensiveness
  • feeling attacked
  • feeling unsafe
  • feeling unwanted, rejected or abandoned
  • feeling unconnected to others and pushing people away
  • sleep issues
  • dysfunctional relationships and behaviours

The list goes on!



Theta DNA Baby in the Womb Healing is a way to energetically heal anything that may have happened, during the time in the womb and at birth, by identifying, releasing and replacing with positive energies, experiences and beliefs, a bit like re-writing your history.  This will enable you to know what it feels like, and to have, a life feeling:

  • supported
  • loved, cherished, nurtured and nourished
  • safe, secure and protected
  • self-love, self-worth, self-confidence
  • connected
  • wanted
  • peaceful and contented
  • sleeping deeply and soundly
  • free from low level anxiety and unease
  • able to function joyfully and enjoy your life.

session details

We can carry out the session distantly wherever you are in the world, by email, online (Zoom meeting) or by phone.  

We discuss the issues you have, your history, and what you would like to achieve / how you would like to feel.

We go into the Theta brainwave state and clear limiting experiences, beliefs, energies, trauma, programs, and anything that has become trapped within you that is triggering emotional or physical problems.  

You will be very supported throughout the sessions, and may be given things to work on at home to bring you greater benefit.

You may need up to 3 sessions or more to clear the issues if you have had a traumatic life / birth / time in the womb. 

£80 per session

£225 for 3 sessions