Theta DNA Healing

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Quotes My personal experience has been my desire to develop projects and realise certain dreams and ambitions. I could see that everything was ready and really it could develop beautifully yet at times I doubted it all. Around this time my friend Tansie told me about Theta DNA Healing. She suggested I consider my core beliefs and use a simple kinesiology technique to test their strength. The week up until our meeting was an opportunity to consider what I wanted for the future and also to look honestly at past patterns of behaviour. So when we met I felt a lot had already happened. Speaking to Tansie things became even clearer. The Theta DNA process was good for me. A significant part of that was to do with Tansie, in whose company I felt free to express my thoughts and feelings. As we talked and tested the effects of beliefs and patterns and envisioned new ones, I felt clearer. The positive effects of my time with Tansie continue. This is the most profound treatment I have had. Quotes

Quotes I want to thank you with all my heart for the 'miracle' after I had Theta Healing with you, & want to share my excitement and success! After a horseriding accident 25 years ago I developed a fear of riding horses & a bigger fear of falling off one. 4 days after Theta I woke feeling a strong desire to get on a horse, which got stronger as the days went by, so booked a lesson. I am thrilled to bits that I was able to get on the horse without any hesitation, panic, fear or help from the instructor. My fear of getting on the horse & falling had gone. I even tried a sitting trot. Wow, what an achievement that was for me! I got off that horse feeling so strong, confident and very happy with myself. I am booked for another lesson & hope to take up horseriding on a regular basis. I have noticed since have the phobia release with you my fear of skiing has also disappeared! I have even agreed to go on a skiing holiday with my husband, something I had previously been terrified of! Quotes

Quotes I had about six consecutive Theta DNA sessions with Tansie a few months ago and can truly state that there have been huge changes in my life both during the time and since. Tansie was totally focused on my issues that were being brought up layer by layer each week and I felt massive energy shifts in my mind and body. I felt 100% supported by her and have never experienced anything so profoundly empowering. Tansie's belief and passion for the work is infectious and I could not help but feel how powerful the work was and how quickly my life was chaning around me as I released life-long patterns that held me imprisoned for so many years and possibly lifetimes. Tansie works in a professional, dynamic and caring manner that allows you to reach down into the most troubling and difficult issues. I felt safe and held throughout these sessions. Thank you for your expertise and dedication to this spiritual work. Quotes

Quotes I had an irritable, persistent cough, & muscle testing showed that post nasal drip, which I've had for many years, was an important part of it, relating to still grieving over my boyfriend & soul mate, who died in a tragic accident (when I was 15) over 40 years ago. I had suppressed the grief & wasn't able to communicate it. I had been very tired for a long time, & this grief was weighing me down. During the Theta DNA Healing, which dealt with the beliefs, experience and emotions, I was overwhelmed by tears & couldn't even speak his name. After I immediately felt lighter & that I had let go, a weight/burden had been lifted. I was sleeping much better & had many happy dreams. 18 days later I woke feeling energetic, raring to go, much lighter in spirit, delighted with life, freedom of my childhood, & relaxed enjoyment of life. I felt energised & buzzing & very loving towards my husband. The fear of getting too close had gone. Although early days, the post nasal drip has already reduced. Quotes

Quotes Tansie is a highly intuitive, gifted and compassionate Light-worker. She was definitely born to do this work. I like her style of lets get right in there to the source of the problem and clear it out and install the good stuff. I have a "no time to waste" approach and she totally embraces that concept too. I feel that we have got through mountains of stuff in one session. If you really want to move forward in you life THETA DNA HEALING is the way to go. Quotes

Quotes Theta DNA Healing is a fantastic technique which helps you deal with negative issues. I have had this on a number of occasions for a range of different issues and have found it very effective. One particularly good example is the way it helped me deal with the stress leading up to my wedding day. I was getting really stressed out with all the arrangements and Tansie used this technique to make me feel calm, relaxed and in control. I wasn't even stressed on the day itself, I was just able to relax and enjoy my special day. I would highly recommend this technique to anyone looking to deal with negative issues. Quotes

Quotes I have had several Theta healing sessions with Tansie and I would like to say how transformative and powerful these absent healings have been. I'm so happy to have found Tansie and to have been introduced to Theta healing. I feel Tansie works from a pure and loving heart and is also accurate with her intuited information on the issues and characters of people she has never met or spoken to. All in all I think she is a very gifted healer, and I am fully convinced of the power of Theta healing and its ability to heal negative issues, beliefs and illnesses on every level. Quotes