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Animal Healing

Healing animals and pets is just as effective as with people.  Quite often an animal has behavioural problems from past owners/experiences, whcih can be tested, removed, replaced and healed, using Emotion Codes, Theta DNA Healing and Reiki Healing, as can physical issues.

- cats
- dogs
- gerbils
- rabbits
- horses
- etc.

Animals respond very well to distant healing, so you don't have to inconvenience your pet with travelling - which makes this treatment very versatile!  Just email a picture of your pet and details of everything that needs healing, including behaviour problems, physical problems, and any background information which may be relevant.

As animals are one of my passions I don't make a specific charge for healing, although it does take the same amount of time, so I would ask that you make a donation which you feel is fair (minimum £30).

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Animal Healing - donation of your choice





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