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Remove Allergies

Quite often allergies are caused initially by traumas at an early age, which creates certain beliefs - ie 'I am under attack'.  With Theta DNA Healing we can test to see what beliefs are causing the allergy and remove them.

Personally I have found this incredibly effective.  I had an allergy to animal fur for as long as I can remember, which caused me to sneeze, my eyes to water and close up, asthmatic-like breathing, and if I touched my face or skin after touching a cat or dog my skin would come up in large red lumpy weals. 

On the Theta DNA course the trainer had a dog in the room that started to affect me as soon as I entered.  We identified the beliefs causing this and removed them.  Although I knew something had shifted and I didn't get any worse, I didn't notice a huge difference at the time.  However, three weeks later at my parents house I noticed I had no reaction to their cat, even though he rubbed his head against my face.  I was delighted. 

I had the same reaction with my neighbours dog, and was able to breath easily and with no sneezing even though she was enclosed in the car with me. 

If you have any allergies, it would be useful to have a treatment so we can identify the beliefs behind them and remove them.

This is usually a one-off treatment but may require a couple of sessions if the cause is particularly deep-rooted and relates to other areas.

Remove Allergies - £65.00


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