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About Me

Hello, I am Tansie Nicole, currently living in the UK, qualified in Theta DNA Healing for many years.

I have been carrying out various therapies and teaching them for over 15 years now.  I started with Aromatherapy, Anatomy Physiology and Massage and soon followed on with Reiki healing (Master Advanced) and Kinesiology (muscle testing).  Since then I have also qualified in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and trained in Sedona Technique and Emotrance (Emotional Transformation), NowHealing, and Access Consciousness Bars.

I have always been highly supportive and wanted people to be happy, and have spent many years learning various therapies to change a persons state from negative to positive (including my own). 

I am an Intuitive Sensitive and Empath, which enables me to tune in to people and quickly get to the root cause of their issue.

After a major trauma when I was very young, which impacted my whole life, I wanted to explore ways to permanently release it and all the many related aspects of it. 

I found that many of the techniques used didn't clear the root cause of the problem, or took a long time to do, or the problem didn't completely clear, or just weren't that successful.  

However, when I discovered Theta DNA Healing it totally resonated with me and after talking to the trainer, and subsequently attending the course, I realised I had found a technique that truly changed things, on all levels, easily and safely.

Prior to this, while meditating, a number of times I was shown a different way of healing - by going in to the problem within the body (emotional or physical), changing/moving/tweaking something and the whole system responding by completely changing and reordering itself, minus the issue, back to an original healed state.  It felt like a kind of alchemy.

18 months later I discovered Theta DNA, which basically is exactly what I was shown.

I incorporate other modalities within the healing sessions to be as efficacious as possible.

If you had the tool to release all misery, pain, sufferring, poverty consciousness, ageing and illness why would you not use it?

I wish you love and light on your journey and I really hope you can release all issues and heavy emotions that are preventing you from enjoying this amazing, wonderous life.

Tansie Nicole