Theta DNA Healing

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24-strand DNA Activation

Our human form is composed of 12 physical strands of DNA and 24 corresponding spiritual strands, totalling 36 strands.  The first 12 of these spiritual strands are fourth dimensional, while the next 12 are fifth dimensional.  The average person has only one pair of strands of DNA activated - science tells us that we currently use only 3% of our DNA and, correspondingly, only 5-10% of our brain capacity. Herein lies the reason why people use so little of their brain capacity. 

By activating the DNA, more of our full potential comes online, both in your genetic consciousness and in your mental capacity.

The 24-Strand activation is the key to unlocking a further 12 strands of DNA.  Through this modality, one will experience a higher attunement to Spirit; spiritual growth and self-transformation will be accelerated as a result.

The powers, secrets, and mysteries of one's true inner Being will become manifest as light moves through the cells in the body, activating the next 12 strands of DNA.  The DNA structure is encoded karma manifested physically through the ancestral line.  By receiving the 24-Strand DNA activation not only the genetic structure of the activated person will be altered, but this change will affect the individual's ancestors 3 to 5 generations in the past as well as 3 to 5 generations in the future.

Some benefits resulting from the DNA activation include:

  • increased brain capacity and expanded awareness
  • cleared family and genetic karmic patterns
  • greater clarity
  • a strengthened immune system
  • increased cellular vibration
  • a greater opening for a connection to the Higher Self
  • increased flows of kundalini energy
  • awakened talents and spiritual abilities

Activation of the fourth dimensional chakras - on completion of the Activation you will be given a chart of the 4th dimensional chakra colours and affirmations, together with a meditation to bring these in more strongly.

The purpose of the 24-Strand DNA activation is to empower us toward realizing our maximum potential as Divine Beings - to live in a pure state of love, peace, and joy in Oneness with All That Is.

This activation brings Spiritual Empowerment.  In other words, the things, people, and situations in your life that no longer support your life work and purpose start falling away and circumstances, people, and skills in alignment with your life work and purpose start coming forward.  You become aligned with living your truth.

24-strand dna activation - £85